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We are two dudes who build stuff that we want to exist. We like passive income and sell things that we would buy. The Retro Mocha Show is us, Shawn Baden and Brian Knapp, the co-founders of Retro Mocha, hanging out and talking about stuff that we find interesting. Join us for our semi-regular to weekly podcast where we discuss whatever is own our minds.
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Mar 30, 2015

In this episode Shawn and Brian review their experience with The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris.


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Jan 19, 2015

In this episode Shawn and Brian talk about indie app development spurred by a bunch of 2014 "year in review" reports.


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Jan 5, 2015

Disposable tech is technology we are not terribly concerned with losing or breaking. Shawn and Brian talk about various disposable technologies including smart watches like Apple Watch, phones, tablets, and the like.


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Dec 16, 2014

Shawn and Brian talk about distraction-free writing spurred by the announcement of Hemingwrite, a modern take on the typewriter.


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Dec 9, 2014

Shawn and Brian discuss nerd movies which they define as movies specifically about nerdy things like programming, computers, hacking, the Internet, and the like. They may have also thrown in some Microsoft and Blackberry (RIM) bashing.


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